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Lions, Tigers...Giraffes!

So, these days I'm crazy about all things animals, especially when it comes to Grayson.  I'm even planning Grayson's 1st birthday around circus animals (yes, I'm already planning his birthday and have been for a while!).  I know, I'm a bit obsessed!  But I can't help it.  I love to do things like that.  So anyway, I ordered a giraffe for Grayson's room a few days ago and it came in today!  It's the coolest!  Also, my mom came into town today and brought a few things she has been monogramming for Grayman, as she calls him.  Here is a towel she made that is just too cute!  We love you Bella and thanks again!

Well, I'm outta here.  After a great night of grilling with Clint and Michal, I must take it to the bed.  We have a big day tomorrow...headed to Breaux Bridge for a fabulous brunch.  Getting hungry just thinking about it!


  1. I love the giraffe! It looks like the one we got for Gaines! His nursery is beautiful! Do you know the name of the color of the paint and who it's by? I've already got an idea of how I want to paint/furnish our next house and that color would be perfect!! Which is even crazier than you planning his birthday party since it'll be like another 4 years before we're outta Germany! LOL!

  2. It kinda sounded like I was talking about Gaines' nursery, but I meant that Grayson's nursery is beautiful!