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Farewell Michael Jackson

As everybody in the world, I'm saying goodbye to Michael Jackson. Each person who is my age and older all know Michael in their own way. He started in the 1960s and was popular all the way up to the 90s. He went through many stages and broke many boundaries with his music, unlike no other. But more than that, he changed the world for the better. He cared about people and wanted to make this world a better place.

When I think of Michael Jackson, I think of the mid-90s, curly-haired, signature white shirt and black pants MJ. I can clearly remember the "Black or White" video and I remember just being glued to the tv when it came on. I loved everything about music when I was younger (still do), but for a while I wanted to be a singer. I even auditioned for a children's chior out of Alexandria. Thanks to my mom, I was always exposed to things that many other kids did not get to do. And guess what song I chose to sing at my audition? "Heal the World" by MJ. I loved that song so much. I practiced and practiced, and I was so nervous, but I actually made it! Anyway, that is just a small impact he made on a little girl over 10 years ago.

I just wanted to share my story and make a tribute to the greatest entertainer that ever lived. There will be no other like him and I am just blessed to be around when he was alive. He is a legend and will always live forever in the music world.

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  1. I remember your audition with his song and also when Clint was at Vernon Elem his class did "Thriller" for a talent contest. You guys were a part of his music for sure.