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A little piece of paradise

Jamie and I discovered Alys Beach a year ago while we were in Florida for our wedding. It is about 10 miles past Seaside and well worth the drive. We came upon this beautiful community on accident. We were just enjoying the scenic drive and were lucky to come across Alys Beach. When you first arrive, you pass through these white arches on each side of the road. You feel like you are entering another place...a whole other country. So you keep driving and see that everything in this community is white and black; and, if you know me and Jamie, you know that's right up our alley! =) Also, it has the best little boutique store (the one shown), which would be my dream shop to own. But it just keeps getting better and better. The best thing about this quaint little town is that there are not very many tourists yet. It's very happening in Seaside right now, but I predict that this is the new, up and coming place on the panhandle. You have to check it out on the website Alysbeach.com because our pictures just do not do it justice! It's a blend of southern and Mediterranean styles...so beautiful and calming. Ok ok, I'll stop now because I could go on and on. But I'm telling you, it's the next best thing to Greece and it's just down the road...

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  1. Love the new look of your blog! Also love Alys Beach pictures. I thought WaterColors and Seaside were beautiful....new place to explore! Maybe an anniversary destination?