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Hostess with the Mostess!

When I hear the word "party," my heart goes pitter patter! I love a party and anything worth celebrating. Not everyone gets excited about these kinds of things, but I do! I can remember when I was a little girl, I would go over to my friends houses and would rearrange and redecorate their rooms, sometimes against their parents' wishes=)! Decorating and planning were a big part of me even back then. Now that I am some what of an adult, there are lots of parties and showers to plan and I probably enjoy it more than the party itself!

Although I have not had a lot of experience in planning parties, I have enjoyed the few that I have and learned a lot along the way. I believe every little detail counts, especially to a perfectionist (like myself)! So here are a few details I beleive any hostess can do to make her party stand out:

1. Pick a color scheme or theme and stick with it! This always seems to be the hardest thing for me to choose because there are so many options. Keep in mind the occasion and that will help narrow it down.

2. Look for inspiration. I get so many great ideas just from blogging and following other creative people!

3. The small details make a huge difference! Things like candles, ribbon, flowers, balloons, pompoms make a big statement and are my favorite part of the party.

3. Coordinate food and drinks along with your theme. You can add so much to the party just by making matching cupcakes and punch!

4. A dessert table is always a great idea for any party, from baby shower to birthday to wedding! Simply fill different-sized vases with candy in the party colors and put on a designated table. For a final touch, add a ribbon or name tag and you are done! It looks beautiful and who doesn't like candy?

5. Making any party personal is probably the best advice I can give. It makes a party so special when you have signs, banners, menus, name cards, toppers, and gift tags. This will make the guests feel more welcome and like they are an important part of the party.

6. Always take pictures of your final result before the guests arrive so you can show off your fab party! It's too chaotic to worry about it after they arrive and they never turn out as pretty. If it's a really special occasion, hire a photographer to do it for you. That's one less thing you will have to worry about.

7. Finally, I believe that the host of a party should give each guest a party favor. This is a nice and simple way to thank each person for coming to your party. You do not have to spend a lot on a favor. Just put it in a cute box or baggie and VIOLA!

Feel free to share what you think adds a little something extra to a party!


  1. You sound like a pro! Plan me a party!

  2. You're up early huh?! I'm just waiting on an occasion!

  3. Colleen! YOU ARE A PARTY PRO! WOW!! Posting pics to our team's MK website now (www.randigleason.com) and sending to our National's site! I told Cindy (our NSD) about your party and she is dying to see photos and meet you! She figured only amazing things since you were Karen's daughter! She said your mom was a master at making people feel welcomed and loved! I'd say you too have learned that innate ability! God Bless! Talk to you soon!~

    Tickled Pink, Randi