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O Christmas Tree...or Trees!

I just love Christmas trees, even though I don't really know how to decorate them!  But I'm always ready to put our tree up as early as October every year.  I'm always changing the decorations for our tree each year, which can be quite expensive, so I decided this year to pick decorations and colors that I will enjoy for years.  So, we found a tree at a store in Lafayette that I loved and it was decorated in green, gold, and silver.  These are classic colors that I can always change a little if I get bored.  So, this is what we ended up with.

As for my favorite...last year, I started a tradition for Grayson that he can pass on to his own children.  I made him his own tree, an LSU tree!  It turned out so cute, so I added a few more this year.  Each ornament is special and will carry a meaning that will last forever.  I even have a newborn picture on the tree from when Grayson was only days old.  I absolutely love this tree and I think Gray will too when he gets old enough!  He has finally discovered his tree and has begun taking off the ornaments!


  1. Beautiful! I love them! Gray's little tree is adorable. I want to do one for our boys too when we get back to LA...it's kinda hard to find LSU ornaments in Germany!

  2. Haha I bet! They are pretty abundant here! When are you guys going to be back?? I know your family can't wait!=)

  3. His tree is so cute! I bought Cole a tree for his bedroom this year...so far he hasn't tackled it! But, he is very curious about the ornaments!