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I'm in love...

I am pleased to announce that our new furniture arrived today!  We have been waiting 4 long months, but it was well worth it!  I am already in love.  We got our living room and dining room redone and it is the perfect mix of cozy, sophisticated, modern, and traditional.

I will post before and after pics later because at this point, we are about 80% done.  We are still waiting on the mirror for the dining room to come in, our blinds to be put in, and a few other minor details.  But it is already 100% better.  The best part is, we picked everything out, from fabrics to furniture, so it definitely expresses our style.

So here you go:
I LOVE this couch.  It's beautiful and oh so comfortable.  It's all down feathers!

The couch has a chaise, which is almost like a sectional.  So now Jamie and I can actually lye down at the same time.  I call dibs on this little corner;)

This cocktail table was not in the original plans because we already had a decent one.  But our decorator brought it today for us to try out, and of course we loved it.  What's not to love about a mirrored table? 

These cubed ottomans are one of my favorite.  You can't tell from the picture, but the are linen.  They look good and also provide extra seating.

Our cool blue chairs.

Here is our new dining table.  It's both metal and wood.  Pretty awesome.

My favorite.

So that's my humble abode.  I hope you enjoy.  Now I'm going to kick my feet up with my boys on the new, comfy couch for the evening.

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