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Good Friday

The Easter bunny came a little early here at the Augustines.  I made these baskets for Elizabeth, Alex, and Grayson.  I filled the boys' baskets with stuffed rabbits, colors, candy, books, bath toys, matching Easter t-shirts, and a few other goodies.  I filled Alex's eggs with coins because he loves to collect money.  And sure enough, when I gave it to him, he shook them and said, "I know what's in here!!"

Today, we are headed to Jamie's uncle's house in Lafayette for a crawfish boil.  They have one every Good Friday and are always so much fun.  This will be Gray's first time to meet a lot of the family, so I am very excited about that.  From there, we will be headed to my parents' for the second annual Easter egg hunt tomorrow.  My mom and I have been planning it for a little while.  There will be lots of fun things for the kiddos, including baby chicks and a rabbit!  I can't wait to see Grayson's reaction.  He calls every animal a "doggy," so it should be pretty interesting!

Have a Great Good Friday!


  1. Brees looks thrilled! ;) Have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Brees is the cutest "bunny" I have ever seen!