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The little things

I find it hard to believe sometimes just how fast time flies.  How fast life flies.  I look back at pictures from just months ago and find it hard to remember the little things.  The things that are most important to me.  Things so dear to me that I never want to forget.

Like how Grayson gives the best open-mouth kisses.  I love his kisses and don't ever want to let them go.  One day he will not want to always be kissing his mommy.

I always want to remember how he dances every time a song, any song comes on.  Or how he bobs his head to the beat in the car.  He always manages to crack us up.

I want to remember how Grayson loves to talk on the phone.  We don't know what he is saying, but boy, it's funny.  He walks around with the phone {or remote, or Ipod, or anything shaped like a phone} to his ear and just rambles and laughs.  I believe he learned this one from his daddy.

I don't ever want to forget how, when I'm putting Grayson down to bed at night, he tells me "night-night" and is so peaceful.  I also love when he wakes up so happy in the morning.

I even want to remember Grayson's terrible two temper tantrums, and how he likes to throw himself on the floor every time he gets mad.

One thing I won't forget is how he has watched us give Brees a treat so many times, that he likes to get out a treat and tell Brees to "sit."

I want to remember how Gray points to his belly when we ask him "Where's the baby?" because we always point to my belly.

I'll always remember how crazy he is about cars and trains.  I'll remember how much he loves his brother and sister, Alex and Elizabeth.  How he loves to wrestle and rough up Alex, and how he asks for Brees every morning when he wakes up.

Yes, these are little things, but they mean the world to me.


  1. oh my goodness, it sounds like you're writing a post about MY son! Not yours. They seem JUST alike about everything. I too love his kisses and his "nite-nites". And, what just melts my heart is when he says, "Luvs you" without us asking or saying it first. Awww.....

  2. I guess its the preggo hormones, but your blog made me cry! Time flies too fast. Cole has grown so much just the last six months. He is at that point of being extremely independent and doesn't want me as much as he used to. Its hard to accept that our babies are growing into "big" little boys :(