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Ways to Display Christmas Cards

If you're like me, you love getting Christmas cards.  Even more, I love having them out to look at each day.  Usually, mine get taped up on my glass kitchen cabinets.  But this year, I'd like to do something different with them.  So, I searched for some creative and unique ideas.  Some people really impress me!

These are hung on pretty ribbon.  Very easy and looks nice, too.

Or simply hang them on a piece of chain.  So cute!

This one is my favorite.  Tie a ribbon to each card and hang from a tree.

Or if you have a nice-sized bulletin board, this is a wonderful look.

These were put in a clear glass jar.  How easy can you get?

Jane from Dinks came up with this DIY Christmas card display with an old frame, ribbon, and clothespins.  I think it's pretty brilliant. 

How do you display your Christmas cards?  Please share!

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