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My boy loves hats.  I mean loves them.  And we love that he loves them.  Any time we are leaving the house or when he plays on his riding toys, he has to have a hat on.  It's just about the cutest thing ever.  We bought Grayson a bunch of cute hats last summer and he had nothing to do with them.  But lately, he's had a thing for hats.  Even his little toy men have to be wearing their hats.

Not every kid will wear a hat.  In fact, most kids don't like them.  Hats just fit Gray's personality.  He's outgoing and hilarious and he will make you fall in love with him the second you meet him.  He's truly a special kid.  Grayson is always the life of the party, whether he's busting moves on the dance floor or playing an instrument or just cracking us up.  Never a dull moment.  And I love him for that.

That's my boy.


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