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14 months

Let's pretend today is April 16th...my girl is 14 months old today!  

Happy 14 months!

I love this little girl!  She is so many things, and sassy is one of them.  She is also the biggest girly girl I know!

Right now she is loving...
rides in the stroller
playing with her brothers' legos
her mommy {she's a total mommy's girl}
playing with Brees
her blankets
pushing around toys anything
crackers and yogurt
purses, shoes, hats, and any accessory she can get her hands on
putting everything in her mouth

This little thing is full of love and laughter and I can't thank God enough for giving her to us.  Seems like yesterday we found out we were expecting another little one...

We were beyond thrilled when we found out we were having a girl.

Maternity pictures.

The big day!

Hello world!

Grayson's first peek at his sister...special moment!

My precious little bundle grew up in a flash and then turned 1...

The birthday girl on her first birthday {I promise I will post pics soon!} 

Ok, enough reminiscing...enjoy your day!

Happy Hump Day:)

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