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Easter wrap up

We had a fun-filled Easter weekend this year!  As always, we start off with the annual Augustine crawfish boil at Jamie's uncle's house.  It takes place every Good Friday, and is nothing short of fun!  You already know the Augustines love cajun music, so this year we hired a small, but amazing cajun group called T Monde.
Crawfish, music, family, and beautiful weather equals a great Good Friday.  Even all the kids had a blast in the jumpy house.  They spent the whole day bouncing away!

Of course, Jamie got in on the action.

Jamie and his brothers.

Grayson saw all the adults filling their trays with crawfish, so he ran over and scooped out 2 of them!  He didn't quite know what to do with them, but it was sure cracking us up.

Miss Sloaney looking precious in her straw hat.

Yesterday was Jamie's actual birthday, but I decided to surprise him with this cake so we could celebrate with his family.  He was actually surprised!  Let me tell you, that was some good cake and turned out so darling!

Alex and Elizabeth got their Easter gifts early because they were headed to Mississippi for the weekend.

I just had to post this pic.  Such a southern little girl!

We headed to my parents' for the rest of the weekend.  We usually do an annual egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter, but we took the year off this time around.  Although the egg hunt is so fun and the kids love it, we actually got to relax and enjoy some quality time with the family this year.

Easter morning, we laid out a path of eggs that led to Grayson's basket, as if the Easter bunny had come.  This was the first time Gray actually understood the Easter bunny, so it was sweet to watch him get excited.  All weekend he kept saying, "Mom, the Easter bunny is going to bring me a basket with cookies, and goodies, and toys!"  We he got the goodies and toys part right;)

We managed to squeeze in a family picture.  Notice the purple theme?

We dressed in purple to coordinate with the little princess...and notice the purse that she insists on carrying around?  Little Miss Priss!

My little man looking handsome...
We had a bit of a shoe issue that morning.  I had Grayson a pretty pair of Sperry's to wear to church, but he insisted on wearing his Vans.  Oh well!

These were the kids' Easter baskets this year.  I just loved them!  You can't tell by the picture, but they are each hand painted!  The boys each chose the colors they wanted and I had Sloan's done in pink and yellow.  The oh-so-talented Preppy and Pink made these, and I couldn't love them more.  The best part is now the kids can use them for storage.

And last but not least, here is little Sloan digging into her first Easter basket.  This little girl is a candy thief! You really have to watch her:)  She also loves eggs.

What a busy month it's been so far!  We have celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, Easter, and Jamie's birthday already!

I have some other exciting news that I can't wait to share, so stay tuned.

Happy Spring, my friends!

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  1. Your family is gorgeous and you are always so stunning! Loved your pictures! Those easter baskets are sooo cute, and the crawfish cake is amazing!