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Planning the Perfect Playroom

If you remember a few months back, I had just transformed our "man room" into a playroom.  Fast forward a few months, and this is the current state of this playroom junk room.  I love having a space for all the toys, but it is still lacking in some basics.

{I left out the really bad parts}

The color scheme I am planning is still the same, yellow and gray.  My favorite children's quote/song is "You are my sunshine, " so when I saw these prints on etsy in the colors I wanted, I ordered them.    
You know I am not a fan of themes, but I do love accents to make a room come together.  Since every child loves animals, I decided to use animal accents throughout the room.  It all started with the giraffe {pictured above} that was in Grayson's nursery as a baby.  He spent a couple of years at my parents' house as Gray transitioned into his big boy room.  Now, I am glad to say he is back at home with us.
In keeping with animals, this print also goes perfectly in the room.

Other accessories I am planning for the room...

I have been searching for the perfect set of curtains for the playroom.  This was a challenge for me because not only did they have to coordinate with the rest of the room, but I also didn't want anything too childlike.  Curtains make a huge impact on a room, and I wanted to find the perfect color, fabric, etc.  I have been wanting some patterned drapes somewhere in my house, and I think a playroom is perfect for a fun pop of pattern! 

This past weekend, I found the ones.  We went to Houston on Sunday to visit Jamie's brother.  We spent Memorial Day eating and doing a little shopping.  I popped in ZGallerie, one of my favorite home decor stores, and I saw these drapes.

They are patterned and a great color.  I think they will look fabulous in the room! 

As I continued through the store, I ran across these throw pillows that will be perfect grouped together for a little reading nook.  Again, great patterns and colors!

This one uses the same pattern as the drapes, so it would tie everything together.

This one was my favorite...notice the zebra stripes?

Perhaps my favorite find of all in ZGallerie were these animal head plaques.  They are fun and whimsical and would look great as art in the room.  I am dying over these!  They had several animals, but these were my faves.

The deer.

The moose.

The rhino.

They are not too big, not too small.  I can see them paired with a few framed prints and photos to make a cute collage wall.

One thing that we are majorly lacking in this room is storage.  That's where furniture comes in.  I am a big fan of the Ikea Expedit.  I even have one in Grayson's room {I will share his room soon!}.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are the perfect storage solution!  Great for books and displaying objects.
This bookcase is great because it can be turned vertically or horizontally.  I'm thinking of doing 2 of these vertically on each side of the window.  That would provide lots of storage without taking up too much space.  Thank you, Ikea!  They have lots other great pieces that I am also considering...so durable and inexpensive.

So, there you have it!  My plans for the man room-turned-playroom.  My poor husband got his space taken away, but I think he appreciates having his living room back.  

I want this to be a space where the kids will enjoy coming to sit and read or just play with their toys.  I also wanted it to be gender neutral.  Not too masculine, not too feminine.  I think the color scheme is perfect for both girls and boys, and has a playful sense to it.  So, as you can see, I've got my work cut out for me.  But that's what I love doing!  I will keep you posted on all the updates:)

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