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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you follow any blog or have a Pinterest, chances are you have seen the ever-so-trending Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

If you have not, take a look below...

{double goodness}



I'll take the pups, too.

Before I even knew there was "fig fever" in the blog world, we purchased one for our living room.  It was actually my husband's idea.  He knew he wanted a fig tree.  I, on the other hand, had never even heard of one.  So, a year ago I sent him out to get one and told him not to come back without it.  I didn't really care what it looked like, I just wanted a tall plant.

I fell in love immediately.   

Our tree is still alive, which is pretty miraculous since I tend to kill every plant we own.  But lately, she's not looking so pretty.  Her leaves are browning and falling off left and right.  
{sorry for the terrible pics}
  She's a tad lopsided, too.
Jamie says all it needs is a bigger pot.  So, a bigger pot I shall find!    

I'll need a new container for the bigger pot, and I'm totally digging the round, braided basket look as shown in some of the photos above.
 Here are a few options I found:

1, 2, 3, 4

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree really is a great buy.  I highly recommend if you are interested in one.  They only need to be watered about once a week, and require moderate light.  Fig trees are a little on the expensive side when comparing other indoor plants, but they add so much height and impact to a space, it's totally worth the price.  Also, they are totally versatile.  A fig tree really works well in any room.  I would love another one, but first I must perk up the one we have!  Fingers crossed:)


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  1. i never heard of a fiddle leaf fig, but they are so elegant. Love them!