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It' s been a while since I've blogged about my family.  So, I thought I would update everyone, since pretty much all of you are my family! :)  Besides the shower this past weekend, I had my step-children and Jamie was in California for business.  So it was just me and the 3 kiddos.  It's always fun with Alex around, whose 5 and just about the sweetest kid you'll ever meet.  He loves to draw, so we were drawing the family and Grayson got ahold of a marker and went to town on his lips...he made himself a mustache!  Then I had Alex with me all day today and we did a bunch of stuff, including a ride in the helicopter at the mall.  Oh I forgot to mention, these 2 boys love each other so much and you know it when you see them together.  It's so sweet!  So, here are a few if my latest pics and sorry for slacking!  I'll be better!

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