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Back to School

After a 3-year break, a wedding, and a baby, I started back to school today!  For the first time in my life, I'm excited about school!  My major is in Public Relations in Mass Comm.  I am so happy because I know that this is the field for me.  I have been through a lot and grown in a lot of ways in these past few years, so I've learned a lot about myself and my interests.  Of course, my family comes first, but it's time to start my path for a career and one that I am passionate about.  

I have enjoyed both of my classes today and I know that they will be challenging, but in a good and fun way.  I will learn to write better and other things that will be interesting and very useful.  My goal is to become an Event Planner.  I want to learn everything about the business and the world of communicating.  So, here I am, back in school.  I'll miss my baby everyday, but he is fixing to start Mother's Day Out, too!  He will make lots of new little friends!  His teachers are in for it! =)  I'll share the pics with you tomorrow on his first day of school =)

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