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Mother's Day Out

My boy started his first day of daycare today called Mother's Day Out!  Unfortunately, Jamie nor I could take him because he had to work and I had class, so a good friend of mine (with no children obviously) dropped him off.  I was a little upset because I wanted to be there, so Jamie and I went together to check it out as soon as I got out of class.  We got to meet his teachers and see his little classroom.  He belongs to the "Puppies" class.  

We walked in and all the babies were sitting in a highchair in a little circle.  It was the cutest thing ever!  It probably wouldn't have been so darn cute, but since it's my child, it meant the world to me.  He was just smiling and happy as ever and it just melted my heart.  I'm so excited to see him with other babies his age.  As we were leaving, he started to cry.  I can't believe he is getting to the age where he knows things like that now.  It was so hard to leave, but I know Mother's Day Out is going to be so good for him and he will make some new little friends!

His teachers said he is the most active, go figure =)!  I knew that before I even took him!  They also said he is advanced and asked if he had been in childcare before because he was like an old pro!  Grayson even got sent home with a little report that lets me know how he was, what he ate, when he napped, etc.  That's very special to have to keep forever!  They are even teaching the babies sign language...AWESOME!   I am super excited about Mother's Day Out.

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