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Going Green!

On my birthday, Jamie and I went to Lafayette for the day. We always love to go to River Ranch while we are in town because it's such a neat little community. There are several restaurants, shops, and the houses are so cute and quaint. Everything has the Acadian style and so much charm. As we were strolling around the shopping area, we came across a furniture store callled W. It caught our eyes, so I went in. Immediately, I fell in love. The store was exactly mine and Jamie's style. It's traditional with a modern twist. Come to find out, they do interior designing as well; something we have been looking to do for some time now, but never knew anyone around here to do it. So Nina from W came out to our house last week all the way from Lafayette. She thought we were on the right track, but just needed a little help. She came up with a design plan, and yesterday, after impatiently waiting for a couple of days, I met with her to show me everything.

Everything she picked out was exactly what I had in mind! It's so exciting to know that we can actually have our house the way we have been wanting it. Thankfully, Jamie has very good taste when it comes to interior designing so we both have the same kinds of ideas. I wanted to share the color palette and fabrics she has chosen and a few pieces of furniture that will be very similar to what she picked. We meet with her again on Monday to finalize everything...so exciting! Please let me know what you think. I think it's so us!

Have a great rest of the weekend!