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Sunday Funday

Today was Sunday and a fabulous one! We watched the Saints game, who are now 9-0 (go Saints!), and spent the day playing with Grayson. For dinner, Jamie and I cooked Tuscan Burgers Bruschetta, a recipe we found in an awesome cookbook Jamie bought me that he got from wine country. He just got back from there...lucky dog! We will both go together one of these days. I hear it is oh so beautiful! The cookbook is called Build a Better Burger. Every recipe in it looks delish!

We decided to try this one out and it was very good! Of course, anything Jamie cooks is wonderful. You better believe Grayson is going to be a healthy boy, eating lots of great food! I also took a picture of some flowers I found at Sam's today...yes Sam's! I just love fresh flowers in our house and putting together arrangements. Don't you just love calla lillies?! I do! Have a great week everybody!


  1. Calla lillies are my absolute favorite flower! They're so elegant! And the food looks wonderful! Glad you enjoyed your weekend with your little family!

  2. Food looks great! And, calla lillies are my favorite flower too :) Glad ya'll had a great day.