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If you were 16 months...

I couldn't help but just stare at Gray this morning, as I do all the time, but today I just wanted to squeeze him and never let go.  We just hung out in his room, just me and Gray, while daddy slept.  He loves his little room and we just recently bought him a TV so he is all about it.  He also loves playing with the doggy, which he likes to call "goddy."

He is changing day by day.  People that even see him regularly say that he's growing and changing all the time.  He has hair now!  And his little teeth are almost all there.  I love when he smiles and shows his teeth.  There's nothing cuter than tiny teeth.

But aside from just looks, his personality is getting bigger.  He is a smart little cookie and he knows it.  He loves phones and remotes and cameras and basically anything else that you would absolutely not want him to play with.  Anything that looks like a phone, he puts up to his ear and starts babbling on, in his own little language of course.  It's pretty adorable.  Just makes me yearn for the day when he tells me he loves me.  But then again I look at his baby pics and I'm in awe how he went from a tiny little thing to a young boy.  Life is precious.

Oh those eyes.  Those cheeks.  

I can't wait to expand our family one day.  I can't wait to see how Gray is with a baby brother or sister.  He loves his big brother Alex.  As soon as he gets around Alex, he starts laughing and trying to touch all over him.  That's his way of showing love.  Alex, almost 6, gets annoyed sometimes and constantly asks, "Dad, could you please tell Grayson to stop talking?"  Jamie replies, "Alex, do you really think Grayson can understand that?  He's just a baby."  I crack up, but they really do love each other and are going to grow up so close.  I know that when Grayson is old enough to "play" with Alex, they will be best buds and Alex can show him the ropes.

And oh the wrestling that goes on in this house.  I am a little afraid to get in the mix, but it's quite fun just to sit back and watch!  The boys get after it, now the dog included.  Lots of testosterone round here.  There will probably lots of wrestling going on this weekend when Alex and Elizabeth will be with us.  Whatever we decide to do, you can bet it will be a fun-filled weekend.

Have a blessed day.

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