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Recent happenings

After a few long weeks, I'm back to the world of blogging. I don't have a whole lot to report because each person in my family has been ill at one point or another in just under 2 weeks. Not fun I tell you. First I came down with a funky virus or food poisoning. Whatever it was, it was not nice. I remember lying in bed and sobbing at every horrible image of Haiti shown on TV and feeling helpless for those poor people. The only up side: losing 5 lbs in 2 days:) Once I got over that, my poor little Gray got a virus called Hands, Feet, and Mouth. What is that you ask? I didn't know either. But it involves fever, a really, really bad rash all over the body and inside the mouth, and just pure crankiness. I can imagine that! My little guy wouldn't eat or drink anything, and sleeping wasn't much better. I'm pleased to report that, after countless trips to the doctor's office (I swear everyone in the office knows us by name), he is back to his ole' delightful, hilarious, and full-of-life self. Thank you Lord!

After things were looking up, my husband came down with the same nasty bug that I had. But we are all doing well and have much to be thankful for. Like the Saints going to the Super Bowl, for example!!!! WHO DAT?! Around my house, we are getting ready for Sunday and counting down the days. This is history baby!

Speaking of the Saints, I do have something else to announce. We have a new addition to the family. After weeks of debating on getting a new dog, we decided (or should I say, I decided) to go for it. So, as part of my Christmas present, although a little late, we packed up the family and traveled to Texas to pick up our new little pup. He is a French bulldog and just about the cutest little thing I have ever seen. He is adjusting just fine to his new home and we have fallen in love. Even Gray "loves" him (if "loves" means to torture). But in a nice, playful way. And yes, I might be a little crazy for taking on a puppy while taking care of an almost 16-month old, who already keeps me on my toes. But it'll be worth it in the end...at least that's what I keep telling my husband.

Deciding on a name was not as easy as we thought. I wanted something French, of course. A few names I liked were Jacques, Remy, Cochon, and Louis. But Jamie was pretty adamant on calling him Brees, after Drew that is. I was all for it since the Saints are like da bomb this year. So there you have it. Welcome to the fam Brees.

Wow, for not having much to report, that sure was a long post. Here are just a few recent pics. Enjoy your week and get ready to watch the Saints win the Super Bowl!

This is how Gray sat in the buggy while mommy shopped...and he loved every minute of it

The first smile in the bath tub in a very long time!

Gray is banging on the window not wanting daddy to leave

And last, but not least...my little Brees

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  1. Love your new pup (and his name)! He has the absolute sweetest face. I was having such a bad day at work and your mom showed me his pic and he brought the biggest smile to my face :)

    Hand, foot, and mouth is the worst. Cole had it so bad it turned into a cold sore virus in his mouth and we ended up with a hospital stay :(