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Mother's Day gift ideas.

Mother's Day is a very special holiday and it's right around the corner.  I know a lot of really awesome mothers who deserve the perfect gift.  So I've been searching for some fun and unique gift ideas.  Here are a few I found that any mother of any age would love to have.

:: Macaroons.  I have to admit, I have never actually eaten a macaroon.  However, they are so beautiful and colorful, and they definitely look delish!  I have mentioned Taigan, a website that has several boutiques from all over the south.  You can order unique gifts straight from the website, from food to furniture.  We ordered Valentine chocolates and fleur de lis chocolates from a store in New Orleans called Sucre.  They made the perfect gifts.  Oh and did I mention they even come in pretty little packaging?


And if you prefer chocolate...
:: Personalized necklaces.  I think personalized gifts are the most meaningful.  And what mommy or grandmommy wouldn't love a necklace she can wear that's not only pretty, but is very special to her heart?  I got my mother a necklace that had "Bella" and all the grandchildren's names on a disc.  It was topped off with a small pearl.  Very classic, just like Bella.  Etsy is a great place to find personalized jewelry.  I want this necklace for mother's day (hint hint hubby)!

:: Silhouettes.  Silhouettes are very popular right now for stationary, home decor, and just about anything else.  They are a modern take on a classic design and I simply love them.  You can even have them custom made from a real photo.  I love this idea.  Here is a shop on Etsy called Le Papier Studio.  This is truly one of my favorite Etsy shops and I love her take on silhouettes.  You really want to check this out!

This one is from another shop on Etsy (sorry I don't know the name).

What are your plans for Mother's Day?  Any other ideas for gifts?  Please share!


  1. Perfect Mother's Day gift: All my children and grandchildren sitting beside me in church..Priceless.

  2. I love the personalized necklaces! I ordered my mother in law and mom one for Mother's Day. I can't wait to order a new one for myself once we know what baby Cryer is gonna be :)