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Things I'm loving right now.

5 things that make me happy...

::My new Iphone apps.  I downloaded a few new applications for Grayson on my phone.  "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old McDonald" are both interactive books that allow children touch the screen and play along to the music.  Grayson always loves playing with my phone, but now I can't detach it from his hands.  Works well in public!  I also downloaded "Knocking," which is the most amazing app I've seen yet.  First you have to add friends or family to your list by using their username.  Then you can 'knock' them.  If they accept, it turns to a live video of whatever your phone camera captures.  Jamie and I 'knock' each other all day while he's at work.  It's great because he can see Grayson throughout the day.

::Paper pinwheels.  I'm loving handmade paper pinwheels right now.  I've been seeing them used for decorations at parties and showers.  They couldn't be more adorable.  You can easily make them simply by looking up the tutorial online.  They also make a great summer project for kids.

::Spring weather.  Spring has sprung.  I love spring.  The sun is beaming down and the air is so perfectly crisp.  You can actually hang outside without being miserably hot.  But it doesn't last long.  This time of year is always so busy, too.  Birthday parties, t-ball games, and weddings are very abundant right now because it's so beautiful out.  All I want to do is be outdoors!

::Children's music.  I am always on the lookout for music that is great for children, but is easy for adults to enjoy as well.  I came across Elizabeth Mitchell and Charlie Hope.  Both of these ladies have beautiful, mellow voices that are so unique.  Grayson and I equally love listening to them.  Some of the songs are traditional songs we all grew up listening to and some are original...they are all great!
Check out these albums.  You can get them both on Itunes.

Love these!

::Adirondack chairs for kids.  I have always loved adirondack chairs.  They have such a classic beach look and they are so comfy to sit in.  Now you can get them in kiddy sizes in an array of colors.  Since Gray loves little chairs and being outdoors, I bought a couple of these chairs in red from The Company Store.  They also remind me of being on vacation and I love having things at home that take me back to the beach.  Mine haven't come in yet, but I know Gray and Alex will love these chairs.  Wouldn't mind having a few adult sized ones, too!


  1. I too love children's songs and I found this great website of so many songs! some of which I had completely forgotten about! I love looking up new songs to sing on this site and I even learn new verses I never knew! :) Happy Spring!
    here is the kids songs site:

  2. Thank you sweetheart!! I will definitely check the website out!! Thanks for the info! Happy Spring to you, too!;)