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Our weekend

First things first, a birthday party.

A sweet, beautiful little girl named Devan turned 2 this weekend.  Her mother puts on the cutuest parties.  This time it was a Hawaiian-themed pool party.  When we left home, about an 1 1/2 away from my home town, it was raining cats and dogs.  I really didn't think the kids would be able to swim.  So literally, all I brought were their bathing suits (no floaties, towels, or toys).  By the time we got there, the sun was out and it was prefect weather for swimming.

It turned out to be a great party!  Each guest took home small plastic beach totes filled with a towel, and other goodies (including these star glasses and slinky).

A project that my mom and I are working on this summer is the boys' bedroom at my their house.  Well, actually she has done most of the work, but I'm helping with the finishing touches...the fun part.  The room used to be my brother's room growing up, but is now transformed into a "Surf's Up" room.  It's already really cute, but we still have a few more things to get done.  

The boys already love it.  When it is finished, it will even be quipped with a decorative personalized surf board.  Isn't Bella the best?!  Here is the door she decorated with her Cricut.  I really want one, but I don't think I'd be as creative with it as she is.

The walls went from a burgandy color to a fresh and fun blue that matches perfectly.

She even made these adorable buckets that are perfect for storage.  Look familiar?  They are similar to the ones in PBK and just as cute!

My parents also surprised to boys with a new golf cart.  My dad has been really wanting to get one since he realized Grayson's love for cars, carts, and anything else with wheels.  So, they got one.  A yellow one.  My mom is going to jazz it up and make it an LSU golf cart.  That's how we roll;)

Grayson wanted to "go-go" on the golf cart all weekend.

We also took took Grayson to the movies for the very first time Saturday evening.  We weren't sure how he would act, so we had my parents 'on call' to come get him if needed.  We watched Shrek 4 and Gray was awesome!  That is, until about half way through it, and then just wanted to get up and walk around.  But for the first part, he was so cute.  He sat on daddy's lap and ate popcorn the whole time.  I've never seen anyone eat that much popcorn in my life!  Oh well, there's always next time.

Thanks Bella and Papa Asa for a great weekend!


  1. Love the bedroom! Looks great! We're thinking of taking Jack to the movies for the first time this summer to see Toy Story 3. He is a big fan of Buzz and Woody, so we're thinking maybe he'll sit through it. :)

  2. I love the bedroom! How stinkin' cute!!! You are the best little mommy! I'm so proud and happy for you!