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Breakfast for Dinner

Okay, so I love eating breakfast for dinner.  I know I'm not alone on this, but for whatever reason my husband is one of those anti-breakfast-for-dinner people.  I think it has to do with our upbringings.  Some of my favorite childhood memories of things my mother cooked include when she would fix us breakfast for dinner.  We loved it!  Homemade waffles in the waffle maker, fluffy scrambled eggs, and a side of bacon.  What gets better than that?

Since Jamie and I have been together, I've let it be known I want to eat breakfast for dinner...if only for one night for the rest of my life.  But he would not budge on this one.  Until tonight.  Tonight, I got my way.  You can take a guess who cooked {not me}.  I'm so happy, I had to blog about it.

Jamie cooked a brocolli and cheese fritatta, sausage, and tomato-basil salad.
Mouth-watering good.

Not your ordinary sausage...

A little Steen's syrup added just the right amount of sweetness.

A little savory, a little sweet.

Whoo, hit the spot!  Big thanks to my hubby for giving in.  A little secret...he really liked it, too!


  1. Wow... your husband is a catch for sure :) what a fabulously amazing dinner! I'm an anti-breakfast for dinner person just because I don't like. Many breakfast foods. !

  2. Your yummy dinner makes my Taco Soup sound so blase :) Happy to know you fondly remember the Belgium Waffle dinners :)

  3. I love breakfast dinner for dinner! It's probably my favorite. The other night Paul and Cole had grilled cheese while I had pancakes and scrambled eggs!

  4. I too love breakfast for dinner and my hubby doesn't like to eat breakfast for dinner either! This sounds wonderful. You look great! I hope you're feeling just as great. Love your new blog layout, too!