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What will it be?

A boy or girl?

Turns out, we will be finding out the answer to this question in just a few hours!  My appointment was supposed to be on Thursday, but we found out Jamie has to fly out that morning and will be gone the whole weekend.  We lucked out, and got to change my appointment to today.  Looks like we will know in just a few short hours!

I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  I thought this day would never get here.  These past few weeks seemed to drag by.  But today, I feel like a child on Christmas morning waking up to a bunch of presents under the tree from Santa.  Only this is much better.  This is a life that we are bringing into this world, and we will love he/she to pieces.  No matter what.  We just feel so blessed to be having another child and are praying for a healthy baby.  That's all that matters.

So, what will our future hold?

Snips and snails,
and puppy dog tails
Sugar and spice,
and everything nice??

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  1. oh my goodness! how exciting! I will be dying to know. Hope you post as soon as you can. and why do pregnancies go by faster when they're not yours..... :)