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Saints Kickoff!

If you are a Saints fan like we are, then today is a very exciting day for you!  It's the first game of the season for the Saints after winning the Super Bowl!  Oh, how I would love to celebrate right in the heart of New Orleans.  But since we can't, we can still show our Saints spirit wherever we are.  In fact, my hubby is so pumped about the game, he's sporting his Saints gear on the plane all the way to Las Vegas.  Yep, he's got the Who Dat pride!

I put together a few fun Saints things that can help you celebrate, too.

First up, a tutu.  My little princess will be sporting one of these next season!  Get your girly girl a tutu here.

I just love this necklace.  It's a great way to show your spirit!

As some of you may recall, I featured these fleur de lis chocolates last season.  They are made at a boutique in New Orleans called Sucre.  You can order some here and have them sent right to your home.  We gave away several boxes as gifts.  You can't really tell from the picture, but they have tiny gold sparkles on them.  I think they are quite fabulous!  

Nothing says 'Saints fan' like something personalized.  You can count on my mom to make anything pretty and personalized.  Find her here.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate?  I'd love for you to share!



  1. someone just sent me your blog saying it was filled with Saints things! yay! Geaux Saints! WHO DAT!

  2. hey girl! lol I just saw the post above from summer and I was the one who sent her your site :) she's awesome and a Lousiana girl living in NYC.

    thanks so much for the compliments!!!! to answer your question.. even though I am very lucky and have the full adobe suite with photoshop5, etc. for work, I do all my blog-photo editing on www.picnik.com It's sooooo easy!

  3. The Saints tutu is a must for our girls next year!