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A whole lot of nesting!

I've had a hard time getting motivated to blog lately.  It started since I got pregnant.  I have the pregnancy brain.  I think because I'm so tired and my focus has been baby, baby, baby that I sometimes move blogging to the back of my brain.  Don't worry.  I'm still following all my fav blogs and get so much inspiration when I need it most.  So, thank you to all you wonderful bloggers out there!  

On another baby note, I am in full blown nesting mode, and I feel the need to talk about it.  A lot of times, I get myself overwhelmed because I'm a complete perfectionist.  Everything must be in it's place {or at least that's what I intend}.  And let me just tell you, the only cure that I have found for being OCD is to have a child.  All of you who are mothers know that it is impossible to keep everything in your life in order with children, but yet, it's ok.  So what if I have to wipe down my mirror-top coffee table {I know, what was I thinking?} 100 times a day because there are cute little hand prints and tire marks from tiny cars all over it?  So what if my toddler likes to throw his food on the floor every single time he eats, or the fact that he insists on eating all by himself like a big boy even though most of it lands on his shirt?  So what because he is worth every bit of it.

Back to nesting.

By only my 5th week of pregnancy, I had already sorted through the entire kitchen, cleaning out every cabinet and the fridge.  Then I moved to the bathrooms.  Then there was about a month where I did not even get off the couch because I had no energy and felt like complete crud.  Now, I'm back in the mode. We are in the process of redoing our bedroom, the nursery, and the boys' bedroom.  That's a lot of redoing.  It can be overwhelming, but tons of fun.  And just wait til we find out the sex of the baby {only 1 more week}!

Our bedroom was high up on the list for several reasons.  For one, I hate unfinished projects.  It's hard enough sometimes to even finish daily tasks, but I figure with another baby thrown in the mix, it would be virtually impossible.  So, we are doing it now.  Also, I will be spending lots of mommy and baby time in my bed with late-night feedings and lots of snuggling.  

Here is the before picture of our bedroom before we had it painted.

And here it is after.
A very light, calming shade of gray on the walls and a darker shade on the ceilings.  I love the way it turned out.  A little paint can make a lot of difference.
I love gray.

And I love Gray.
Not loving the outfit.


  1. The room looks great! And your little guy is getting so big! He's such a cutie.

  2. Love the paint color! I need to get started with the baby's room but finding the time is impossible!