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Halloween Fun {Part 1}

Switching gears from birthday to Halloween!  We've got lots of fun stuff going on this Halloween weekend, as I'm sure you do, too.  First up, the Courville-Augustine Halloween Party {adults only}!  So, as promised, here are a few pictures from the party.

We've been working all week on the party, and it finally paid off!  We had the idea to make 2 different areas, a Heaven room and a Hell room.  The results were spooktacular!  

But first...my husband cracks me up.  He gets so into his costume, it's hilarious!  He was ready 2 hours early...he was worse than a girl.  But it was worth it...

Onto the party...

Isn't this coffin to die for?!  It totally made the party!

The outside area where guests watched the band.

Yes, we even hired a band.  They are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Me {a dark angel} and Peewee {like you didn't know}

Jamie played up the character all night!  

This guy won 1st place in the costume competition.  There were so many great ones to choose from!

It was an awesome night!  We had a huge turn out.  The band was awesome and the costumes were crazy fun!

I had trouble finding a costume with the big belly and all.  But I made it work!  Funny what a spray tan, false eyelashes, and some really high heels can do to a girl's confidence!  Everyone said I looked just like Heidi Klum {funny because I was actually wearing one of her dresses from the Pea in a Pod collection seen here}.  I'll take that as a huge complement.

Now, I can't wait to see my little man all dressed up in his costume! 
Hint: it flys, it's black, and it ryhmes with cat!

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  1. you look beautiful with your little baby bump! I can totally see Heidi! And, your husband! That is too funny! looks like fun!