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Christmas in NY

We are finally back home.  The trip was filled with non-stop fun.  We were fortunate enough to go with a great group of friends, who also happen to be coworkers of Jamie.  Works out very nicely!  So, let's start from the beginning...

The flight.  As you know, I am terrified of flying.  Terrified.  I'm just one of those paranoid people who think that everything that could go wrong on the plane, will.  I hate taking off, I'm a little better during the flight, and I'm even better as we land.  I brought one of Grayson's little tractors with me and held gripped it during all of the flights, which put me a little more at ease.  It was so hard leaving Gray.  I cried the night before, and I woke up crying the day we left.  It's incredibly hard for us to be away from him for that long.  Four nights is a long time without my baby.  Knowing he was in good hands certainly helped, and it definitely makes it exciting to come back home to reality.  We brought G-man back a toy airplane that makes real noises and lights up.  When I say he hasn't put that toy down, I mean it.  He even slept with it last night.  Oh, the little things.

So, I'm 7 and a half months pregnant.  You might think that it would slow me down, but not this girl.  I am proud to say, I kept up with the group {in high heels all the while}, and had a blast doing it.  We ended up getting a driver to drive us around in a very luxurious Cadillac Escalade the whole time we were there.  He also happened to be a driver to celebrities.  It's nice knowing people who know people!  We always luck out like that.  He has recently been Reggie Bush's driver, just to give you an idea.  His name was Vaughn and he was as cool as a fan.  FYI, getting a driver is the way to go.  He drove us wherever we wanted, and would wait on us the whole time.  Talk about feeling like a celebrity!

Vaughn!  The best {and fastest} driver in NYC!

We didn't actually get to do very much sight-seeing, but we did do a lot.  Another very special part of the trip I will always hold dear to me was that we decided on the baby's name while we were there.  I can't wait to share it with you, but you'll have wait for that post!  Like I'm just going to tell you right now!  Come on;)

A few scenes from NY.

{our hotel}

We are very fortunate to be able to do things like this, and we enjoyed every New York minute of it.  But as I said, we are thrilled to be back home as a family.  Being so far away definitely puts things in perspective as to what is really important in life.  So, until next time, goodbye New York.  Hello home sweet home.


  1. What a fabulous trip, your friends/dh's coworkers look like so much fun. I want to hang with your crowd :) Your driver sounds so awesome, and I'm jealous you got to go by Dash! Did you run into anyone famous? like a karDashian??

  2. Leah, you would fit right in with us! Just so you know, Dash was a little disappointing. I was expecting more, but it was still neat to see! I did see one celebrity! You know the guy from "Man vs. Food?" I totally saw him in one of the store's my husband was shopping in. I tried to get a pic with him, but he ran out bc he said he was running late for a show;( At least I saw him, and he was nice.