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The Snowglobe

We had so much fun painting my belly the night before Grayson was born, we just had to do it again this pregnancy.  All you need is paint, a willing and talented husband, and a big ole' belly {one with a baby works best}.  In keeping with a Christmas theme, we decided on a snowglobe.

Start with a cirle...

add a Christmas tree...

throw in some snow...

and a few finishing touches.

Merry Christmas from my belly to yours!


  1. love it! and someone is an amazing artist :)

  2. this is SO cute! I love it! Y'all are so creative and precious! if I told JT I wanted him to "paint my preggo belly", he'd looked at me like I was crazy! ha ha!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Paul wants to paint my belly too. We were going to do it for Halloween but didn't get a chance. Tell Jaime he's a great artist!

  4. Great bonding experience. I'm going to have to do that when I'm pregnant because it looks so darn cute!