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Showered With Love

As you know,  this past weekend was a baby shower in honor of Baby Sloan.  It was wonderful.  Everything turned out so beautiful, and it was so nice to share this special time with some lovely ladies.  I decided to have the shower at a favorite place of ours in town called The Porch.  I have mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again.  The Porch is a quaint little coffee shop and restaurant that was just opened up about a year ago by some good friends of ours.  We go there a lot on Saturdays, when you can listen to live music in the morning with a little brunch.  That's my kind of way to start the weekenf off.  It was the perfect spot for the baby shower.  Remember my inspiration?

As I walked in, I was greeted with this lovely table.
How fabulous is this table?!

I just love all the Parisian accents.

I ordered the black and white damask Oreos and fleur de lis petit fours from the oh-so-talented Kim of Sweeties by Kim.  They were the perfect touch for the party.  C'est bon!


My favorite part of the table are the black letters that spell out "bebe," which means baby in French.  Along with these, all the other black vases, cake pedastals, and Eiffel towers were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  They're a great buy because I'll definitely be using them again.

For the favors, each guest received one of these little black boxes filled with MM's in matching colors.

{me with the hostesses}

It was a perfect day.  Thank you to everyone involoved in making this a very special day for me and Sloan.  She is so loved already.  As someone who loves to be the hostess, it's nice to relax, feel pampered, and be spoiled for a day.  It's also a lot less stressful than doing all the work!  But don't you think I'm not planning the next party in my head...I'm already thinking about Sloan's 1st birthday!


  1. I am so upset I couldn't make it! I have a little happy that will be coming your way soon!

  2. Aww...you're so sweet, Rach! You didn't have to do that! But I sure can't wait to see it!;)

  3. You look gorgeous in every picture. Your baby shower turned out looking so elegant and girly! It makes me daydream when I'll have a baby shower of my own. Not anytime soon. Have a great day!

  4. loved your baby shower .... with every detail ... and i, too, love the black lettering BEBE ... just wondering where to purchase those letters ... plan on using it on the mantel in our living space with our last name .. i've been searching high and low and still no luck around here in SD, CA