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A year in photos

I have recently been working on a photo book for 2010.  This is something I do every year to capture the memories of our family from that year.  Since I don't have actual prints of any of my pictures, it's a nice and very easy way to keep memories.  I'd get into the world of scrapbooking if it wasn't totally overwhelming to me.  I envy those who take the time to do it and are good at it!  Props to you.  Photo books are just easier for me since we have literally thousands and thousands of pictures on our computers.  With so many photos to chose from, it's hard to narrow them down to fit into just one book.  So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from 2010 that are dear to my heart.

Ready for some cuteness overload?

{a surprise announcement in a giant fortune cookie that we are expecting}

{Jamie's dad playing music with Steve Riley}

My how things have changed in just one year.

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  1. This is awesome. and I totally agree. i do the same thing (you can image how many pics i have and none printed hardly!). i pick my faves once the year is over with. it's weird how a different photos have meaning to you if you wait a while before you look at them again. you know? every year, i make a montage to music of each of our children's lives. i haven't finished Meme's 1st year or Jack's 3 year, but you can see them all at the link below. I like to use songs from his current favorite movies (always a pixar movie...which have really good songs!). Enjoy! Oh, and I dont' get into scrap-booking either. It's way too teadious for me! ;)