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Closets: an obsession

One thing you may not know about me is that I'm obsessed with closets.  I love all things organized and the closet is one place where you can showcase everything in its place.  Thanks to the awful weather these past few days, I've had plenty of time to do some tidying, organizing, and labeling in my closet.  Call it nesting, but I tend to go overboard once I start something.

I must first share a few inspiring photos.  When I look at these, my heart skips a beat!  These closets are beyond fabulous, and I'd give my left arm {okay, not really} to have my closet looking like any of these.  I might, however, give my right arm since I am a lefty.  Okay, another joke.  But really, check these out. Sorry I don't have any of the sources!

This closet is all girl!  I don't think my husband would go for a pink and purple closet, but it's certainly any girl's dream closet.  How I would love to have those shelves to display my shoes!

I love this island, especially since it's mirrored.  Let's not forget that crystal chandelier.  So glam, don't you think?

Shelves and more shelves!

Check out those custom glass cabinets.  And, oh, that Venetian mirror...I would definitely have one of these in my dream closet.

I just found this closet today featured on Made By Girl.  Head on over for all the details.  Totally loving the Tori Burch bags!

There is nothing about this closet I don't love.  The use of purple, the animal rug, the velvet ottoman, the drapes, the vanity.  It's closet perfection.

My closet is sort of a work in progress.  Unfortunately, our closet wasn't built with much shelving or any drawers, so you can see the challenge I'm up against.  And since this isn't our "forever" home, I don't want to put a lot of money into our closet now.  Besides, there are some really great options out there to spruce up your closet without spending an arm and a leg.  

Now that you know what my dream closet would look like, here's what my actual closet looks like.  Note: this is my side of the closet only.  My husband would kill me if I showed you his side!  Sorry for the bad lighting in these pictures.  Bad lighting makes me cringe!

I found these brown canvas boxes from Target that have been a life saver for storage.  

I printed a few labels off the computer and attached them to the boxes with mini clothes pins.  

My Louis Vuitton boxes serve no purpose whatsoever.  I just love the way they look.

Some things that are meaningful to me...the starfish is a favor from our wedding, the LOVE print from Made By Girl, and a few other things are displayed on one of the shelves.

I also bought these over-the-door hooks from Target.  If it were up to me, I would have some wall hooks, but this was easier.

This mirrored jewelry armoire from Pier 1 was just recently put together.  I have had my eye on it for a while, and finally pulled the trigger when it was on sale at Christmas.  I can't tell you how much I'm loving it.  Everything has it's place.

Even the littlest hands can easily get what they want.  Too bad for mommy!

My closet is not bad, but just needs a little work.  
A few things on the list include:
-a runner to cover the bare carpet
-a lovely light fixture would look really look nice
-an ottoman to sit down and put on shoes 
-shelving for shoes
-shelving to display clutches and purses
-get the hubby to put together a lingerie chest from Ikea that has been in the box for 2 years

I promise I will post the pictures of our bedroom soon.  Our bed doesn't get made that often these days, so that's why I've been slacking!

Here's what I'm wearing today...

Have a wonderful winter weekend and stay warm!  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Spring!

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