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If I got married again...

To the same man, of course!!:)

When I planned my wedding in just 3 short months {yes, you heard right}, I had no idea about what went into a wedding.  But since I loved planning and and all the details that went into it, I dove in head first.  I bought every single wedding magazine I could get my hands on.  I didn't know about blogs back then, and there certainly was no Pinterest!  So, I just went with my gut.  I remember the hardest part was picking out our colors.  I went back and forth for a while.  I knew I wanted the wedding to be a bit more on the modern side, and since we were going to be getting married on the beach, it was definitely going to be a little more causal.  We ended up going with lime green and brown, and used lots of cymbidium orchids and some other beachy touches.  Very pretty.  Very much what I wanted.  

Now fast forward a few years, four to be exact.  Although I loved every detail of our wedding and wouldn't have changed a thing, I love to picture in my head how I would plan a wedding today.  It would probably be a bit more traditional, elegant, and perhaps more girly.  Dare I say it, but it might even include some pink!  Anyway, it's fun to dream, and even though I am married, I still love to look at gorgeous weddings and receptions.

So, thank you Pinterest, once again for the inspiration and making my heart skip a beat...or two!

These topiaries are so unique and completely set the tone for the table.

This chic black and white wedding would be so beautiful in the winter.  Oh who am I kidding, any time of year!

I just love these flowers along the aisle.  

This chalkboard idea is darling, and I love how it adds a personal touch.

What't not to love?  Especially the hanging lanterns.


I am dying over this tent.  Also love the chairs and pretty flowers.

What an elegant alter!  Just gorgeous.

This might be my favorite!  What. a. dream.  I'm a sucker for lucite chairs and all things white!  WOW.

So, there is a little prettiness to kick off the weekend.  May your weekend be so beautiful!

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