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Sunday Funday

This weekend, Jamie was on call and ended up having to go into work Saturday and all day Sunday.  It was so beautiful outside, so when I got a phone call from a friend to get out of the house, I was game!  There was a Children's Miracle Network Duck Race at L'auberge Casino Resort here in town.  I was a little nervous because I had never taken the kids here, much less by myself.  Grayson was overcome with joy when he saw the huge hotel as we drove up.  For months, he's been pointing and saying he wants to go there!  You can see the casino from almost anywhere in the city, so this was a big deal for him.

When we got there, they had all kind of fun things to do for the kids.  Games, food, clowns making balloons, and, of course the duck race.  How it works is you pay for as many ducks as you want to enter the race, and this is how they raise money for the children.  Then they have a race down the Lazy River.  They offer lots of great prizes, including a stay in one of the luxury suites here at LDL.  Although we didn't win the race, fun was had by all! 

What a great day!  And even better that it was for a good cause. 

Here are the ducks being loaded into the pool.

Gray was totally mesmerized.  

And they're off!

I must point out that the pretty little girl to the left of Grayson is his very first crush!  Her name is Mallie and she is my friend's daughter.  No surprise there because she is so gorgeous and only 10 years old.  From the moment Gray met her, he was enamored.  So last night, I asked Gray who is favorite person was, and after a short pause, he looked at me with his great big brown eyes and said, "Mawwie." Melt.  

Happy Monday!  
My Sloaney Belle <3


  1. how fun! that's not too far of a drive to us...looks like there's activities for everyone in that place!

    1. Om goodness, Lili! You should absolutely come to stay! The kids would have a blast as well! The pool is open and there's always lots of music and good food. You wouldn't be disappointed! Let me know if you ever come this way:)