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A Few Good Men

I have to wish a few special daddies in my life a Happy Father's Day.

Pawpaw Ronald, Papa Asa, and Jamie...you are all very special men who have had an impact on your children and grandchildren.  We love you and thank you for all that you do!

Pawpaw Ronald
{Jamie's father}
We love the amazing food you cook, the many tractor rides, and the silly games you play, such as "Get out of my seat!"  

Papa Asa
{my father}
We love your patience, your willingness to go on multiple golf cart rides, the way you always put others first, and your soft, sweet nature.

and lastly, Daddy
We love the way you teach us things you love, how you provide everything you can for your family, the way you play with us, the delicious food you cook, and mostly your love for us.

We are proud to call you our Daddy.


  1. What great pictures! Happy Belated Father's Day to these 3 guys.

  2. I love all the great pics! Hope to see y'all soon :)

    1. YES!! Let me know when you are back in town. Hope everything went well with your dad!!