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Flashback Friday

I mentioned before that we take a family picture on the beach each year.  So, of course you may recall it being on my Summer Bucket list.  Since we are leaving a week from today for Florida, we have been talking about what colors we are going to go with for our outfits this year.  Every year we coordinate using different themes each year.  
 Take a look...

This was our first annual pic.  We chose to do the classic beach portrait look...all white.  I love it, even if we are all squinting because it was taken in the middle of the day!

This year we went with color!  It was Jamie's idea for all of us to dress in blue and white while Gray popped in red!  Notice we didn't take our picture on the beach this time.  That's because this was the year of the oil spill and the beach closest to our condo was covered in tar balls.  We opted for doing it in front of the house, but I still love how it turned out.  I was 6 weeks pregnant with little Sloaney on this trip.

This pic, taken on the beach in Seaside, was a bit more difficult to capture.  We had a few outtakes, but managed to get a good one.  We were all dressed in pink!  Real men wear pink, didn't you know?:)

This year, we have decided on brown and white!  Can't wait to see how it turns out:)


  1. I love this tradition....and the pictures are great! Can't wait to see y'all's pic from this year :)

  2. The family picture is always my favorite part of the trip! We did the original white and khaki last year, but I think I want to throw in some color this year. I have matching outfits for the kids that is a blue and white plaid. I'm leaning towards using blue and white this year!

    1. Chasity, I was originally going to go with baby blue and white, also! That would be so pretty against the water! But since I procrastinated and never got the outfits, I'm just going with what we already have. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see the pics!