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Memory Jar

Kids say the darndest things.  We've all heard the quote.  Well...it's true.  

Since I am a lover of all things keepsake {to say the least}, I jump on any idea of cherishing memories, especially when it's something really easy!

So, I took this idea I saw on Pinterest a while back, and started a memory jar.  I simply took an old mason jar I already had on hand and filled it with funny or cute things Grayson has done/said on scrap paper.  I wrote the date and his age on the back of each one so I can always look back and remember how old he was.

They suggested giving the jar as a gift to them one day, which I think is such a sweet idea.  I plan on doing it for each of the kids.  Every once in a while, I'll empty the jar and look back at the quirky things I wrote down because, as you know, it's easy to forget all those little things.

I wrote "Grayson's Sayings" with a sharpie.  Easy peasy.  You can dress it up as much as you'd like, but I kept mine simple.

A few examples of "Grayson's Saying's":

"Is that a Captain America flag, mommy?!" 
He stil refers to the American flag as the Captain America flag.  Poor job on my part, perhaps, but I think it's sweet.

I'm sure you all can remember that dreadful Droid cell phone commercial.  It ended with "Droid" in a robot-like voice.  One day, Gray kept saying it and thought it was just hilarious.  We did, too.

"I have to do my yestercizes."
By "yestercizes," he means exercises, of course.  Jamie has been working out a lot lately, and naturally Gray wants to be like his daddy.  This one is probably my favorite and the newest addition to the memory jar.

Those are just a few of my favorites to give you an idea.  It's so much fun to run to the jar and jot down something before it escapes my brain.  I hope this has inspired you to start your own memory jar.  And please share all the funny things your kids say as well!  


  1. I love this idea! I just write down the things they say or do, but I love having it in a jar to give them :). Today Jax was saying his blessing, normally he mumbles and says amen. But today he said,"Dear God, thank you for the turtles, jellyfish, Mommy mowing the grass, and the ocean. Amen!" And I didn't mow the grass..but I will take the credit.

    1. That's so sweet, Ashley! It's things like that that you always want to remember! Only a mommy knows how special those things are! And this is too easy to do...hope you enjoy!:)

  2. LOVE this...i posted a similar keepsake in a bottle which we received from our little boy from VBS. love this idea too :)