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What we've been up to...

I have been checking off quite a few things on my summer bucket list lately!  What a productive few weeks it's been.  Hope your summer is going well!

We have certainly been up to par on the play dates!  We couldn't love these kids and their mommy any more!  This was from our last visit...a little pool action and lots of fun:)
Are they not precious?

All smiles!

And just plain fun!

Last week, Grayson spent the week with his Bella and Papa Asa {my parents} so that he could go to VBS at their church.  It was way harder on me to let him go for a week.  He, on the other hand, could not wait!  Turns out, Grayson loves my Bella a little too much to leave her side, so he didn't actually "attend" his Bible school class.  Instead he helped Bella "teach" :)

I came over on Tuesday to visit my boy and help my mom with her class.  Here we are in our VBS shirts.

He did sit with his class for just a little bit.

Tuesday morning, I was excited to attend a Bible study that my mom is putting on once a week this summer for a group of ladies.  I just love her church, the same one I grew up in.  So, I always love to go back and visit with the ladies I have loved for years and who have been a part of my life since I was little.  They are a great group of women who are passionate for serving God and others.  Not to mention, there's always good food involved:)

The theme for this Bible study is "Loving Well" by Beth Moore.  I think this is something anyone can learn to be better at.  I loved attending the study, and if I lived closer, I'd be there every week.

You know we Baptists love our food!
My mom went with a red, white, and blue theme with it being summer.  Everything was so cute and thought out.  I know where I get my love of detail from:)

Just look at these adorable flower arrangements.

Also while at Bella's, Gray had swim lessons all week long!  He did quite well with Miss Kimberly, except when he wanted to play with the "pow-pows" or "was too tired."  I'm just happy he went at all.

We missed our little man so much, and were delighted to pick him up on Friday.  It didn't take long for him to get used to being back home...
{him being Jayden, the red Power Ranger}

Also that night, we enjoyed our "fort night."  Bella was kind enough to order the largest tent I have ever seen for our upcoming beach trip.  We thought it would be fun for the boys and us, of course, to put it up in the house.  They loved it...and so did little Sloaney.
Sorry for the bad pic...it was so dark under this thing!

Gray in his "football' getup.

And this last one because it is just plain funny...

Yay!  It's only the beginning of June and I have already knocked off a few things on my bucket list...

fort night--check!
get Gray swim lessons--check!
play dates--check!
help teach VBS--check!

Also, we tried to take our trip to the zoo on Sunday, but the weather fit not permit:(

However, I am working on lots of DIY projects, so stayed tuned!  Have a blessed week!


  1. Great pics and post! When can Grayson come back? We kinda got used to him being around. I even learned to put Legos together. Thanks for sharing all this....so sweet.

  2. I just read this post ....I live the playmate pics :) those were too cute!