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A no-sew tablecloth

We have already established that I am in love with burlap.  I just happened to have a scrap piece laying around.  I have been thinking about all I could do with it lately, and today I had the perfect plan.

Gray got the Carolina table and chairs from PBK for his 1st birthday, and it has been a great thing to have in the kitchen for the wee ones in the family.  Grayson actually always preferred to sit in a barstool at the counter, but Miss Sloaney is really loving sitting at the table.

I decorate it for different occasions/holidays, but I have been wanting a little tablecloth for daily use.  Let's face it...it's got a few stains on it.  Plus, I just love tablecloths!
So, when I saw this little table with a scalloped tablecloth, I knew I had to do a version of my own.  You should really check out Dixie Delights if you haven't already.  She's a fun, Southern girl with great taste.  Her home is decorated beautifully!

I was totally inspired.  So, I thought that I would take the scrap burlap fabric and transform it into a tablecloth.  

Ok, let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:

A handy helper

A bowl, marker, and scissors
To make the scallop, I traced a bowl around the edges.

Then I cut around the edges, and it became an instant tablecloth.

It's hard to tell what it looks like because it is so light.  And sorry for the wrinkles, but it's been folded up.  It' may not be as cute as the one above, but it does the trick.  And now I know how to make ones for the future {because this one probably won't very long in our house:)}!

Miss Sloan approves:)

Oh, and I must show you the pillow my mom made for me.  My mom is one crafty chick!  She can look at a picture of something and totally make it!  She saw that I had pinned an anniversary pillow on my Pinterest, so she took it upon herself to make me one!

I love it!  It couldn't be more perfect and special.  I can't wait to see it on my chairs!  

This is the pic from her blog.  I want to try one for myself!  Think of all the possibilities.

Have a great day!

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  1. Love it, Colleen! A perfect and stylish way to disguise all the imperfections :)