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Playroom Update

The playroom is still in serious need of some work, and it's a slow process.  This weekend, I did a little project that I ended up loving.  And the best part...it was practically free. 

I was feeling inspired by this photo.

What a great idea to hang flashcards to add a little bit of whimsy to the room.  And it provides art for the walls at the same time.  Love this idea.  I just happened to have these flashcards that I bought for Grayson years ago.  Since they are animals, I knew I had to use them in the room somehow.  I had originally thought about framing them, but the thought of buying 26 frames kind of scared me!

So, I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some sisal string that was not too thin, but not really thick.  I thought about using ribbon at first, but ended up going with this look instead.  Really anything you want would work.  I have a bunch of clothespins in my laundry room, so I grabbed a handful and started pinning the flashcards to the string.

This is what I ended up with.

A little tip:  Once you get the first row done, it's easier to hang the rope and then pin them to the wall.  Just be sure the leave enough space underneath so you have plenty of room for the cards.  Oh and you just might make a few too many holes in the wall.  Ok, seriously.  I'm making this sound hard.  And it so wasn't!  Grayson loves the wall and he thought it was "so cool."  I worked on it while Sloaney was napping.  When she got up, I took her into the room where she just stared at the wall smiling.  I think she approves, too.

Also, if you look very closely, you will notice that we are missing letter "P."  Sloan has misplaced it somewhere in the house.  Turns out, flashcards are really fun to play with!  Maybe one day it will pop up:)

Have a great Monday!  We are taking it easy inside today because we got a little sunburned over the weekend.  I do love a little boy with pink cheeks:)

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  1. So cute, Colleen! I love the way it turned out, it has inspired me to get my tail in gear for our ABC wall. Also, I love all the pics from the post before, and I think I may need the recipe for the slaw and ribs :)