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Monogrammed Canvas

I'm a southern girl through and through, and what southern girl doesn't like love a monogram?

I'm drawn to all things monogrammed.  So, when I first laid eyes on the wooden monograms, I knew I had to have one.  I just wasn't sure where I would put it.  Our front doors are french doors, so the thought of a monogram on each door might seemed a bit much.

I was totally inspired by these monograms...

Is this not the perfect solution to my monogram madness?  I bought my monogram from this etsy shop for only $18!  That's far less than I've seen a lot of places charge.

I just so happened to have a bare wall in our 1/2 bath, so I painted the monogram and canvas, and simply glued them together.  Just might be the easiest DIY ever, and I love the impact it has in this little space.  If I could go back and redo, I would have chosen a lighter shade of gray for the monogram, but at $18, it's not breaking the bank!

I was so pleased with the monogram, I ordered one for Sloan's nursery!  I will definitely keep you posted on that one:)

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