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Princess Sloan's Soiree

So, as promised, I'm back with the details from Sloan's 2nd birthday party.  Originally, I was going to go with a "Princess Sloan" theme, and use pink and gold colors and accents. But one day while out shopping, I had the idea of incorporating Mardi Gras into the theme since there decorations everywhere!  I told my husband about the idea, and he suggested doing a Princess and Frog theme along with Mardi Gras.  Turns out, men are right some of the time!

I didn't want to do the Disney version of "The Princess and the Frog," but something a little more generic.  Plus, it would have been just too easy to go out and buy all the stuff already.  And y'all know I have to make things difficult:)

I worked with a lovely designer, Tiffany Boren of Embellished Paperie, for the invitations.  I found her on etsy a few years back and used her for Sloan's birth announcements.  She's so great to work with, not to mention her work is gorgeous!  She specializes in wedding invitations mainly, but she was delighted to work on the invites for me.

I came up with the idea of using pastel colors instead of the traditional Mardi Gras colors.  So, we ended up using lavender, mint green, and a pale yellow.  We were completely on the same page about the design.  She seriously read my mind.  We agreed on using a silhouette for the princess and frog.  She backed the invitation with glitter paper, which brought it to a whole new level.  I couldn't have loved it more.
It really set the tone for the party.

I really wanted to make guests feel like they were in New Orleans.  I knew I wanted to use beads galore, street lanterns, masks, and anything that reminded me of Nola.

This was the result.
I don't have a picture of the entire backdrop, but I made a "2" by glueing tissue on a cardboard cutout and hung lavender drapes to have a "royal" feel.  The table was decorated with linens that I rented and glitter bows I got for sale right after Christmas.  I spray painted the "two" letters, framed a pic, and make a little centerpiece using beads and feathers.  The adorable frogs were from Hobby Lobby, as well as the cute ring ornaments.  Thought they were a perfect touch:)

Jamie painted the frog painting the night before the party as a gift to Sloan.  No surprise he did an amazing job creating something special that she can cherish for a lifetime.  

On each side of the table, I rented 2 lanterns that I thought looked like the ones found on the streets of New Orleans.  I decorated them with ribbon, beads, saxophones, and street signs that I found at Michael's.  
I was pleased with how they turned out.  

I kept the kiddie table pretty simple.

A few other details...

I set up a photo booth with a prop station, which turned out to be a fun and hilarious addition to the party.

A Mardi Gras-themed party would not be complete without some festive food!  Jamie made some "Man-catchin' Beignets" and a pot of gumbo.

Now, onto the Princess herself.
I have Michal to thank for working tirelessly on Sloan's tutu dress.  She did a fabulous job on it!  I even had Sloan a pretty, matching necklace to wear for the big day, but she opted for a candy necklace instead.

We had a slight issue with the cake.  Seems there was a miscommunication between me and the cake lady.  I found out at midnight the night before that there would be NO cake.  So, what do you do?  Use a king cake instead.  She was enamored by the sparkler!  

She had more fun opening her cards.

Party People

and in the end...
the Princess kissed the frog!

I know Sloan will never remember her party, but I had so much fun putting everything together for her. Hopefully, she can look back and see how much love I put into it.  Yes, I may have gone over the top, but I can promise you next year's party will not be:)  This mama is tired!  

I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures from my princess's big day.  Thanks to all our friends and family  who made it out to the party!  We love each and every one of you.  I'll leave you with a few sources from the party.

Invitation--Embellished Paperie
Tutu dress--made by Michal
Crown headband--Mud Pie
Beads, masks, poms, banner, paper goods, "2" sparkler, princess wands, "2" balloon--Party City
Ceramic frogs and ring ornaments--Hobby Lobby
Lavender tulle and New Orleans street signs--Michaels
Paper photo props--The Manic Moose
Photography--Chris Brennan Photo