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Long days, long boards

It's so easy to lose track of time here in Seaside.  Our days have been long and filled with lots of fun, sand, and sun.  A few days ago, Jamie bought a long board here.  He's been wanting one and he found one in a local store that he really liked.  Turns out, Grayson likes it, too.  He loves to sit on it with Jamie and roll around.

A funny story I have to tell...two years ago when we were here for our wedding, Jamie and I met this funny little man with the darkest skin you will ever see on a white person.  He pretty much lived on his bike and was the typical beach bum.  But everyone in the community knows and loves him.  He is known as 'the Mayor' around Seaside, but his real name is JT.  We became instant friends with him and invited him to our wedding.  We didn't actually think he would show up, but he did.  Everyone remembers that funny little bitty man in cut-off blue jean shorts dancing around on the dance floor with all our friends.  He even took a couple pairs of flip-flops we gave out to all the women guests because his tiny little feet fit in them!  We hung out with him the whole week we were here.  He has so many stories and always makes me smile.

So for two years now, every time we have been here, we have always asked about JT and if he's still around.  People would say that he is always around and that we'd just have to run into him.  It wasn't until yesterday that we actually did and he remembered us, our names, and our story.  We were so excited to have him come over to our place and meet Grayson.  They hit it off!!

Playing on daddy's new toy

Gray and JT

We ate dinner at the Red Bar and Grayson kept flirting with a table of older ladies who were just smitten by him.  He would peek at them through this window.  I don't think they got to eat a bite of food without Gray watching!

After dinner, we stopped at this gorgeous spot to take a few pics on the way home.


  1. Hi! Hope you don't think I'm crazy, but I stumbled upon your blog from Fly Through Our Window, Darby's blog. :) And let me just say, your blog is so cute and fantastic! I love your pictures. Beautiful! And I'm a photographer! I knew as soon as I saw the very first pic that you were in Seaside because I have gone there every year since 6th grade. We heart Seaside. I SO wanted to get married there...that was always my dream. Well, things got complicated when I decided to have 12 bridesmaids! :) But, my husband promises that we can renew our vows on our 10 yr ann. at Seaside. Just wanted to say hi! :)

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