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Back to the real world.

Today marks my 75th post.  Pretty crazy that it has only has been a year since I started my blog, and now I'm totally addicted to the blogging world.  I do it because I enjoy doing it, even if nobody even looks at my blog.  But I hope you do!  I feel like this is my niche, in some way or another.  I think God has plans for me.  I'm just waiting to see what they are.  So, I'm constantly praying for him to show me some kind of sign for what it is that he wants me to do.

So, something crazy happened the other day while we were in Florida and I feel like maybe this was God showing me one his little signs.  I follow a blog daily called "Fly Through Our Window."  It is a blog about Darby, an inspirational, young, Christian lady with 3 small children.  She also has an identical twin sister.  I pretty much know all about her life all because of the blog world.  Jamie, Gray, and I were sitting at the Red Bar eating breakfast when a familiar-looking lady walks in and sits next to a friend who had been waiting on her.  I immediately thought that she looked like Darby, but I kept thinking, "This could not be!"  What are the odds of my running into someone in Florida that I know simply from following her blog.  She probably thought I was crazy for all the stares, but turns out, it was Darby's twin sister.  I worked up the nerve to go over and talk to her.  I felt a little like a stalker, but she was totally nice.  Just what I expected.

She is an interior designer around that area and I had even seen her in Coastal Living, a magazine that I adore.  What a small world it seems sometimes.  Things like this always happen to Jamie and I, and I feel like it's always for a very special reason.  Turns out, her friend's husband works for Medtronic (same company as my husband).  Jamie even knows him.  See, small world.

We got back from Seaside last night.  It was the perfect vacation.  Just what the doctor ordered.  I am glad to be back home, but it can be tough leaving.  I'm just so fortunate to be able to stay at home with Grayson.  Some mothers don't have that opportunity.  I get to see him blossom into a little human being, which seems to happen overnight.  Even the time that we were gone, he seems to have learned so much.  And oh the personality on this kid!  He must have waved to everyone in Seaside 3 times while we were there.  He is truly a special boy.  He never meets a stranger.  He's not one of those needy kids who is always tugging on their mommy's leg.  No, not my boy.  He is so independent and such a little explorer...and hilarious.  He brings so much joy to our lives and anyone who meets him.  I'm just a proud little mommy.

Here are a few words that my little man knows now:

  • cookie (everything sweet is a cookie to Gray)
  • doggy/puppy (any animal that moves is called this)
  • hat (Lord knows that he learned this from our trip because he had about 1000 hats on!)
  • mouth (points on command)
  • nose (points on command)
  • cracker
  • chip
  • Brees ("B" as he says)
  • bath (this might be the funniest...he pulls his shirt up when I say "bath" and runs to the bathroom.)
  • car ("ca" as he says...he loves cars.  Favorite toy.)
  • milk
  • outside
  • night night (when you say it, he lays down!  Like a little puppy.)
  • no (he knows what this means, but does not actually listen to it just yet)
  • eat (climbs up his highchair when he hears this)
  • hi/goodbye (waves uncontrollably)
These are just a few and they probably don't mean as much to other people, but I'm his mommy so it makes me happy.

Have a great night!


  1. I have missed you all and can't wait to visit. I'm a proud mom, too and a PROUD Bella. See you Friday!

  2. That is so cool that you met Erika (Darby's sister)! Well, I'm a new follower...hope you don't mind, so yes, people ARE reading your blog. :) And, talk about God working in our lives...all I can say is WOW...I have witnessed God do AMAZING things in our life the past week that my mouth is still just dropped wide open over. I hope to blog about it very soon. :) Yes, we do have a lot in common. ~cat moore