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Seaside: A birthday and a beach boy

SO, we are in Seaside for a whole entire week.  That's a long time here and we are loving every single second.  I even have time to blog while little bit sleeps.  I will try not to bore you with all my oh-how-I-love-Seaside talk, but it will be kind of tricky.  And since I take so many pictures, I figure I'll upload them each day so they won't pile up on me when I get home.  I think Bella will appreciate getting to see her G-man everyday anyway, even if through pictures.  It's hard not to take awesome pictures here.  I'm not even that great of a photographer, but the scenery is so pretty, everything looks beautiful.

We arrived here Saturday evening, so yesterday was our first day to be out and about.  It was also Jamie's 34th birthday.  He said and I quote, "This is the best birthday ever."  We started out with a morning walk in the crisp, cool air.  Then we ate at Great Southern, where they have a famous Grits and Grillades dish for breakfast, which Jamie and Gray both equally adore.  We ended up on the beach and enjoyed watching Gray play in the water.  Well, he actually didn't play, but was more intrigued than anything, looking adorable all the while.  For dinner, we went to the Red Bar, a must if you are here.  This is where we had our rehearsal dinner.  Not exactly the conventional type of restaurant.  It's hippy, eclectic and always has a live band.  So you know little man was on the dance floor.  He was going at it and showing up all the other kids!  Okay, so I may be biased, but my man can dance.

Today, we woke up to another beautiful day.  We rented bikes and took Gray for a stroll in a tag-along, then ate lunch over-looking the beach.  We plan to hit the beach again and then cook here at our house for dinner.  Oh, did I mention the house?  We requested a two-bedroom so Grayson could have his own room.  Well, they put us in a 3-story, roomy, gorgeous home.  It has a fully-equipped kitchen, back porch, front porch, porch upstairs with swing, and a roof-top deck (our favorite place to relax with an amazing view).  Our place is called 'Cherry On Top' and that's exactly what it is.

Enough with the talk, the pictures say it all.  Tomorrow I will be back at nap time with another post on the awesomeness of Seaside.  Maybe the stores of Seaside, or maybe the restaurants of Seaside...who knows?  So much to choose from.

Beach boy

Little old man

Birthday boy

Birthday card from Brees.  I found this adorable card in the Seaside book store and I think it was meant to be.

Here is what it read...me joking about Jamie not wanting to bring Brees because it would have been too much trouble.

Gorgeous view.  And the water looks good, too;)

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