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What I've been up to today.

Right now is officially mommy time.  I think I'm becoming a night blogger these days.  My days are full of changing diapers, trying to get my son to eat anything other than a cookie, getting in a nap when he sleeps, and chasing after Gray and my adorable, yet obnoxious bulldog.  And sometimes, both at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of my days with Gray and Brees.  I also enjoy getting to catch up on my fav blogs when G-man goes to sleep.  And it just so happens that today my husband is working late, so I actually get to blog in peace;)  No "When are you going to be done?" every 3 minutes.  God love him, but he just doesn't get how one can get lost in blogging.

So on to what I've been up to...

~Well the first thing is a not so good one.  This morning I was in the doctor's office, filling out some paper work (why must you do this everytime, I don't know!).  Grayson was with me and he had made a friend with a little girl who appeared to be around his age.  They were getting along well and playing with each other's toys.  Grayson always listens if you tell him to "give" something to someone.  This little girl, not so much.  While I was hurrily finishing the paper work, the little girl's grandmother started scolding her.  I looked up and everything seemed fine.  I assumed she was just being a typical kid.  Turns out, she's not the typical kid.  We got called to the back, so I grabbed Gray and took off.  When we got back there I realized just what the little girl was being scolded for.  Grayson had a huge bite mark on his wrist!  I mean every tooth mark was perfectly imprinted into his bright red, swollen wrist.  I was furious!  I had never experienced someone inflicting pain on my child.  He didn't mind it, but it hurt my feelings.  She is just a child after all and not mine, so what do you do?  Poor baby still has the marks.  Oh well, kids will be kids I guess.  But mine certainly is not a biter!

~If you have not seen "The Princess and the Frog" then you are missing out.  It's set in New Orleans and such a great movie.  I just about know every word already because this is truly the only movie/show that Gray has actually sat down and watched without getting distracted.  He is glued to the TV when it's on.  Unlike all the animated movies out there now, this one is in 2D, which is what most of us grew up on.  I love that!  Grayson cracks up when the blonde girl talks every time, and if you've seen it, you know why!  How cute?!

~Took a trip to Target today and found these adorable bowls, plates, and placemats.  They are perfect for summer, and at $1.99 a piece, you can't beat that!  They look so cute on the kiddie table.

~This actually happened yesterday, but it's worth being told.  I hope this one doesn't offend anybody.  Yesterday morning, Grayson and I took a bath.  I got out first and was getting dressed.  I turned around for a split second, and the next thing I know, Grayson is standing up in the tub and doing his business!  And I am not talking number 1!  It was quite a mess, but was one of those priceless mommy moments.  I called Jamie and told him and he found it pretty hilarious, too!

~Now it is time for a nice, relaxing, hot bath.  This time without any poopies in the water!

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