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A few random things

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer!  I love the summertime.  Being outdoors, t-ball games, swimming pools, basking in the sun, tan lines, cool clothes, parks...what's not to love?  The heat, yes!  But that's what pools are for.

We've been frequenting the pool in our community quite a bit lately.  We lather Gray up in sunscreen, load him down with a life vest and floaties, and he's ready to rock and roll!  He is getting so brave, he has walked straight off into the water a couple of times.  Of course, we were there to catch him, but it's still a little scary.  We always have a blast splashing around.

Speaking of fun, I got a few new toys.  My husband surprised me on Mother's Day by telling me he had ordered me and Ipad.  I was super anxious for it to come in.  Apparently, they are taking a little longer to be delivered, so I just got mine a few days ago.  After spending hours on my new Ipad, I am convinced it's the best invention since the cell phone.  So it's not a necessity, but it's very useful and excellent for traveling.  It's perfect for blogging.  I'm officially an Ipad addict.  Do they have meetings for that?

Another addiction I obviously have is constantly changing my hair color.  I'm back to blond and loving it...for now anyway!

I'm not the only one with an Ipad addiction...

We also got a hand-held Dyson!  I am probably one of few people that actually get excited about vacuum cleaners, but I'm a little lot on the OCD side, so whatever helps is great with me.

The Dyson has been great in helping clean up Grayson's messes quickly.  Especially his new favorite food.  Muffins.  Who knew it could be that easy to get him to eat?!  He ate probably 8 out of the 12 I baked the other day.  We caught him climbing up on the counter a few times just to get one out of my glass cake dish.  Thankfully, no broken bones or glass.  The interesting part of the new found muffin love is how he eats them.  And I'll just let the pictures say it all...

Just picking the top off was not good enough for Gray...

He dove into this muffin like it was going out of style.  He'd go up and down, up and down!

Now, if you will excuse me.  I have to go call my husband and tell him that I love him because he programmed this into my Ipad to go off at the same time everyday;)

I do love you Jamie!

Happy Thursday!  

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