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Flashback Friday

I found this as I was looking through some pictures today.  It was taken the night before I gave birth to Grayson.  My husband, the artist that he is, painted my little pumpkin.  It's hard to believe he was in my belly kicking around and is now a dancing, running, laughing, hilarious, sweet, and getting-into-everything little boy.

Have a great weekend!  Tomorrow we are off to attend a good friend's wedding!  Maybe I can get in some pics to share.  Congrats Rachel!


  1. oh my goodness, that is too cute! he IS a good artist. :) It would have been hard for me to sit still that long and not giggle so much that I messed him up. :)

  2. Yes it felt a little strange;) the funniest part is the stem...it was my popped out belly button!

  3. Haha! Too funny! It's amazing how fast it all goes by!